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Hazak Committee

Our Hazak Committee supports activities especially for 60+ and retired community members.

Initiatives they sponsor, or are particularly active in, include: Our Jewish Life, a monthly discussion group that addresses contemporary culture, controversies and challenges; Wise Aging series; community-wide Study, and more. For questions or to get involved, contact the Hazak Committee.

A recent Our Jewish Life discussion was held on Zoom with former assistant District Attorney and Kane Street Past President (2010-2012) Vicky Vossen speaking about Criminal Justice.
Click below to view! (Kane Street Members only)

HAZAK Criminal Justice Lecture with Vicky Vossen

Our Jewish Life

Monthly Discussions on Contemporary Culture, Controversies and Challenges

Engage in community, conversation, and new ideas during these free leader-led discussions, usually held on the third Thursday of each month. Sponsored by the Hazak Committee.

Past discussion topics have included: What’s a Politically Liberal American Jew to Do?, Observations on Visiting Israel & the Palestinian Territories, the Jewish Mediterranean Diaspora, Anti-Semitism in 21st Century America, the Changing American-Jewish Commitment to Israel, and the Supreme Court and Religious Liberty.

For More information contact Our Jewish Life.

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