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“It gives me such joy to hear [my son] talk about his school. He is loving it, and comes home ready to teach me everything he’s learned. His behavior at home has improved so much, too — I think he was stressed and unhappy at the other school, and now that he feels cared for and happy at Kane Street he’s like a different kid, so thank you!!!”

Jessica, Mom of current KSK student

“Kane Street Kids did a phenomenal job preparing my daughter for Kindergarten. She knew all of her letters and letter sounds before Kindergarten which I know is not the case for many entering Kindergarteners. From a social lens, she was also extremely prepared, due to the collaborative and social nature of KSK’s Pre-K classroom.”

Jen, parent of Kane Street Kids graduate

“We are so lucky to have sent our daughter to Kane Street. Her teachers were fantastic and she graduated with an arsenal of knowledge that was integral for the preparation she needed to begin Kindergarten.”

Hilary Koyfman, parent of Kane Street Kids graduate

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