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236 Kane Street / Brooklyn, NY 11231 / 718 875-1550

Religious Life

Prayer without Heart is like a Body without Spirit”

Bachya ibn P’kuda – “Obligations of the Heart
Spain, 11th century

Every week, we offer a variety of warm and inspiring services at Kane Street.  We are delighted that people from many backgrounds, Orthodox and Reform, observant and secular, have found community and spirit at our prayers. Services at Kane Street are a wonderful mix of traditional melodies, Hebrew songs, Torah chanting, lay leadership and joyous spirit. We use the Sim Shalom prayer book series and also offer transliteration booklets for those new to the service.

An active Ritual Committee organizes services. Men and women equally share prayer leadership. All of our Torah and Haftarah readers are lay members of the congregation. Our roster of lay leaders has grown as the Rabbi and other leaders teach service leadership skills – many leaders learned about Judaism only as adults. The lay leadership of our Services is a proud hallmark of Kane Street and reflects the great value which we place on broad community education and participation. If you would like to lead any of our services — Friday night, Shabbat Shacharit, Musaf and Mincha, or Sunday Shacharit– please contact our Ritual Chair Lisa Kleinman. Kane Street sponsors a variety of programs and courses to enable the community to fully participate in synagogue life.

To become more familiar with the Friday Night melodies, download the music files located in Weekly Services.

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