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July 20 - 21, Shabbat Chazon - Devarim

Candle Lighting: 8:03pm
Friday Evening Services, 6:30pm

Shabbat Morning Services, 9:15am

Shabbat ends, 9:06pm

Sunday Morning Minyan, 9:00am

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“Charity is as potent a force for reconciliation as the ancient Temple altar.”

Rabbi Jochanan Ben Zakkai

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At Kane Street, we bring the wisdom and compassion of Jewish traditions to all, regardless of one’s background. Within our community are very traditional Jews and secularists, families and singles, straight and gay. Our members include many Jews-by-choice (converts) as well as interfaith families and Jews who are returning to their roots. We are rightly regarded as a community where any sincere person can find a place.

We’d love to meet you. If you have questions, feel free to contact Rabbi Sam Weintraub, Engagement Director Rabbi Jason Gitlin, Executive Director Alan Bell, or Rabbi Valerie Lieber, our Director of Education and Family Programming.

What are services like?

For questions about Kane Street Kids, our community’s creative, progressive and hands-on preschool, contact Rebecca Caplow, Director of Kane Street Kids.

Learn about our creative and stimulating Hebrew School or see it in action! Enrollment is available online for the 2016-17 school year. Or for more information contact Rabbi Valerie Lieber at 718.875.1550, ext 2005.

News and Upcoming Events

The Three Weeks: Tragedy and Reflection in the Heat of Summer

Shiva Asar B’Tammuz to Tisha B’av
June 30 to July 22
The three weeks between Shiva Assar B’Tammuz and Tisha B’av mark a period of sadness and mourning—framed by those two fast days—in which we remember some of the greatest tragedies of our history, including the destruction of the First and Second Temples, and the exiles which followed. During this period, festivities and indulgences are avoided or limited. For example, traditionally, we do not schedule weddings and other joyous occasions during the Three Weeks. Because Tisha b’Av, the ninth of Av also falls on Shabbat, we postpone the Fast until the next day. The fast begins at 8:20pm. on Saturday, July 21, and concludes on Sunday night, July 22, at 8:54pm Havdalah over wine (although not spices or candle) is said on Sunday night after the Fast.

Tisha B’Av Services

Evening Services, Saturday, July 21, 9:00pm
Morning Services, Sunday, July 22, 9:00am
Tisha B’av begins with a sad but beautiful service on Saturday, July 21, at 9:00pm in the Goldman Center Social Hall. We pray the brief Ma’ariv evening services in a hushed tone, and then (if physically able) the worshippers sit on the floor for the chanting of Lamentations and the singing of Kinot (elegies) in an exquisite cantillation special for Tisha B’av. We dim the lights, which reflects our darkened mood, so PLEASE BRING A FLASHLIGHT to follow the texts.
The next morning, we join together for Shacharit Morning services, again with Kinot beginning at 9:00am and ending about 10:30am. Tallit and Teffillin are not worn but we add a Torah reading and Haftarah, again with the special Tisha B’av cantillation.

Register New Students Now for Hebrew School

Complete Registration by June 30.
Have your children join a stimulating and welcoming atmosphere that makes Judaism come alive for students from all types of Jewish backgrounds. Our Hebrew School encourages open questioning and helps students and their families find their own personal meaning in our rich Jewish traditions. Many parents also find great comfort knowing that their children will maintain friendships with the same group of children over many years at Kane Street, even if they go to different schools during the day. Register now or contact Hebrew School Director Rabbi Valerie Lieber for more information or if you have questions.

Kane Street Kids: Enroll for the 2018-19 school year

Our Kane Street Kids preschool has openings for the 2018-19 school year. We embrace families from all backgrounds and cultivate a connection to Jewish traditions and values. Our classroom teachers are warm and nurturing, and provide an environment where children can grow and develop cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically. For more information or to tour the school, contact Preschool Director Rebecca Caplow.

September 2017 Update on Kane Street’s Renovation Initiatives

As we celebrate the holidays together and look ahead to the possibilities of the year ahead, we are pleased to report that Kane Street has taken significant steps forward in our renovation initiatives. Please take a moment to review the September 2017 New Year Omnibus Update, which outlines developments of the past several months.

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Li’fi Dati: As I See It

w1rabbinewphoto_small (002)
Rabbi Sam Weintraub

A message from Rabbi Weintraub

Family Separation

Dear friends,
Family separation is as old as human cruelty. The children of Hebrews under Pharaoh, Native Americans during American colonization, African-Americans during slavery, European Jews during Nazi selections were ripped from their parents’ arms. This is a horrifying but powerful tool to terrify and decimate the oppressed, and to nurture feelings of vengeance and superiority among oppressors. Further, as the practice is justified under the banner of “the law”, and as the most vulnerable are demonized, it can deaden the conscience of onlookers.
But we know that this is unequivocally evil, because of our Torah, because of the human rights accords which our country, with other Western powers, especially since the Shoah, has championed, and because of the experiences of our parents and grandparents which we feel in our bones. So, we have the teachings, the memory, and the power to say “No!” These policies will not be taken in our name. Not now! Not ever!
I understand that this family separation is only part of much a broader attack on the rights of immigrants, asylum seekers and immigrants. It is not just the 2,000 children recently separated from their parents at the border. I see kids scared and crying every time I accompany detainees to hearings at the Immigration Courts at the Department of Homeland Security building downtown. But with the special terror visited on these children at the border the Trump-Miller-Sessions axis has torn whatever shreds of decency still remained in their treatment of (especially non-white) refugees.
If there is any blessing in this tragedy it is that broad revulsion for the “zero tolerance” policy will pressure Trump to stop family separation, and open the eyes of more people to the horrors which asylum seekers, detainees, refugees and their families face every day in this country Only a ZIP code or two away from our Synagogue live many families wherein parents are frightened to take their kids to doctor’s appointments, for fear of apprehension by ICE agents.
Read the rest of Rabbi Weintraub’s message…

Rabbi Weintraub’s Reflections on Social Issues

Restoring a Moral Agenda to America: The Poor People’s Campaign

Me’avdut L’cherut – From Slavery to Freedom

“To Work and to Preserve” Judaism and the Environment

Las Vegas


Spirituality and Politics, Social Change, and my Trip to Israel

Michael Brown and Eric Garner – A Jewish Perspective


Torah text, the Tribe of Dan, Ferguson and Baltimore

ISIS, Refugees, and our Father Jacob

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