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May 25 - 26, Shabbat Nasso

Candle Lighting: 7:54pm
Friday Evening Services, 6:30pm

Shabbat Morning Services, 9:15am
Youth and Family Services, 11:00am, Goldman Building
Shabbat ends, 8:57pm

Sunday Morning Minyan, 9:00am

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“Charity is as potent a force for reconciliation as the ancient Temple altar.”

Rabbi Jochanan Ben Zakkai

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At Kane Street, we bring the wisdom and compassion of Jewish traditions to all, regardless of one’s background. Within our community are very traditional Jews and secularists, families and singles, straight and gay. Our members include many Jews-by-choice (converts) as well as interfaith families and Jews who are returning to their roots. We are rightly regarded as a community where any sincere person can find a place.

We’d love to meet you. If you have questions, feel free to contact Rabbi Sam Weintraub, Engagement Director Rabbi Jason Gitlin, Executive Director Alan Bell, or Rabbi Valerie Lieber, our Director of Education and Family Programming.

What are services like?

For questions about Kane Street Kids, our community’s creative, progressive and hands-on preschool, contact Rebecca Caplow, Director of Kane Street Kids.

Learn about our creative and stimulating Hebrew School or see it in action! Enrollment is available online for the 2016-17 school year. Or for more information contact Rabbi Valerie Lieber at 718.875.1550, ext 2005.

News and Upcoming Events

Kane Street Walkers: Brooklyn Bridge Park and DUMBO Waterfront

Saturday, May 26, 12:30pm
Leaving from Kane Street after Kiddush
Come join other pedestrian seekers as we take to the sidewalks and green spaces of Brooklyn. Our next saunter will be a Shabbat walk to Brooklyn Bridge Park and the DUMBO waterfront, with historical insights from member Bob Cohen. Our walks are a wonderful way to meet new people of all ages and enjoy Shabbat. Contact Rabbi Jason for more information.

Kane Street Celebrates its 162nd Anniversary

Don’t miss our Anniversary Celebration
Sunday, June 10, 6:00pm
Join us for great company, delicious food, and wonderful music.
The deadline to reserve your seat is Wednesday, May 30.

Buy your tickets now!

September 2017 Update on Kane Street’s Renovation Initiatives

As we celebrate the holidays together and look ahead to the possibilities of the year ahead, we are pleased to report that Kane Street has taken significant steps forward in our renovation initiatives. Please take a moment to review the September 2017 New Year Omnibus Update, which outlines developments of the past several months.

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Li’fi Dati: As I See It

w1rabbinewphoto_small (002)
Rabbi Sam Weintraub

A message from Rabbi Weintraub

Restoring a Moral Agenda to America: The Poor People’s Campaign

“G-d said to Job, ‘Which would you prefer—poverty or suffering?’ Job responded, ‘Master of the Universe! I will take all of the sufferings in the world as long as I don’t become poor, for if I go to the marketplace and don’t have any money to buy food, what will I eat?’ This shows that poverty is worse than all of the other sufferings in the world.”

(Midrash Exodus Rabbah 31:12)

Our beloved country once epitomized freedoms and possibilities which almost all the world sought to emulate. Now we are suffering a moral breakdown. Because of what passes for “breaking news”, 11-year olds can tell you the names of porn stars and what “NDA” means, while PhD’s are ignorant about the conditions of fellow citizens living in misery just a neighborhood or two away.

According to US Census data, almost half of our population is poor or low income, and 15 percent (45 million people) live below the poverty line. With one-in-five American children living below that line, we have the highest child poverty rate in the developed world. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the number one reason for personal bankruptcy in the US is not self-indulgence, but medical debt.

In this assault on human dignity, economic injustice is joined by racism and militarism. Hugely disproportionate percentages of those who are poor, near poor, “nutritionally-deprived”, medically uninsured, homeless, victims of voter suppression, and incarcerated are people of color. Meanwhile, 53 cents of every federal discretionary dollar goes to military spending while 15 cents are spent on anti-poverty programs. In 1961, Dwight D. Eisenhower warned of the “military-industrial complex”. Today, military spending continues to benefit private corporations more than the troops. In 2016, CEOs of the top five military contractors earned almost 100 times the pay of a US General with twenty years of experience.
Read the full text

Rabbi Weintraub’s Reflections on Social Issues
Me’avdut L’cherut – From Slavery to Freedom

“To Work and to Preserve” Judaism and the Environment

Las Vegas


Spirituality and Politics, Social Change, and my Trip to Israel

Michael Brown and Eric Garner – A Jewish Perspective


Torah text, the Tribe of Dan, Ferguson and Baltimore

ISIS, Refugees, and our Father Jacob

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