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Life Cycle

Membership in the Kane Street Synagogue congregation comes with an extended family with which to share life cycle events. Our community offers love and support in times of sorrow and joy. Please contact Rabbi Michelle Dardashti for guidance on matters of ritual practice. While there is no fee for her services at these events, it is customary to make a donation to the Synagogue or to the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund. Speak with Executive Director Mickey Dobbs about details such as rentals, caterers, catering policy, Kashruth policy, etc.

Brit Milah and Simcha Bat
Families often hold these simchas in the Sanctuary or Chapel, followed by a reception in the Community Room. Brit Milah (circumcision of baby boys) is held on the eighth day following the birth. Simchat Bat, the naming of baby girls, is held during a Shabbat morning Torah service in the weeks following the birth. It is customary for families to sponsor Kiddush after services.

B’nei Mitzvah
B’nei Mitzvah at the Synagogue are on Shabbat mornings and greatly enjoyed by Kane Street “regulars” as well as guests of the B’nei Mitzvah. The Congregation has celebrated this joyous occasion since our beginnings. Our records include the names of B’nei Mitzvah from the 1860s – 2008.
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Bar and Bat Torah
The Synagogue also sponsors special Shabbat morning ceremonies for adults who either did not have B’nei Mitzvahs as children, or who wish to re-commit themselves to Torah and a Jewish life as adults. Celebrants prepare Torah and Haftarah readings, and teach from the Bimah.

Rabbi Michelle Dardashti will officiate at the marriage of a Jewish couple at Kane Street Synagogue or other sites. Couples need not be members of the Congregation, but are encouraged to join the community.

B’rit Rei’ut
The Covenant of Loving Partners: LGBTQIA+ Commitment Ceremonies — Following the historic 2006 decision of the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards of the Conservative Rabbis Law Committee, our Rabbi officiates at Commitment Ceremonies of Jewish same-sex and non-binary couples. The ceremony includes blessings and symbols taken from the traditional wedding ceremony, which have meanings and rituals that celebrate the inclusion of LGBTQIA+ individuals and families in our modern Jewish community.

Funerals / Shiva
Our Rabbi and our Chesed Network support members through the loss of a loved one. The Rabbi meets with the bereaved family after the death to plan the funeral, Shiva and other mourning customs. Our Chesed Committee provides leaders and members for Shiva minyanim at which we use the “Bond Life” prayer book.

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Learn about When Death Occurs

The graveside unveiling ceremony is traditionally held before the first anniversary of a death. The brief ceremony does not require the presence of a rabbi. The Rabbi will advise families of prayers that may be read. When her schedule permits, she will officiate at an unveiling.

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