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236 Kane Street / Brooklyn, NY 11231 / 718 875-1550

Lay Leadership

Officers 2023-2024

President of the Congregation Norman Cohen (he/him) [email protected]
Executive Vice President Susan Radin (she/her) [email protected]
Treasurer David Umansky (he/him) [email protected]
Financial Secretary Ralph Kleinman (he/him) [email protected]
Recording Secretary Bronwen Haskel (she/her) [email protected]
Vice President, Personnel & Security Joanne Robinson (she/her) [email protected]
Vice President, Fundraising Adina Solomon (she/her) [email protected]
Vice President, Communications Danny Tamman (he/him) [email protected]

Officers are elected each year for the coming fiscal year (August 1 to July 31).
The President of the Congregation traditionally runs for and serves for two consecutive terms.

Trustees 2023-2024

Trustee cycle
ending 2024
Trustee cycle
ending 2025
Trustee cycle
ending 2026
Hedi Hruby (she/her) Sari Fensterheim (she/her) Leslie Budnick (she/her)
Adam Lichtman (he/him) Paul Lubetkin (he/him) Shawn Fox (he/him)
Craig Ortner(he/him) Megan Poliner (she/her) Stephanie Kauffman (she/her)
Adam Pollock (he/him) Renee Rettig (she/her) Stephanie Kolber (she/her)
Sarah Lichtman (she/her) Diana Schlesinger (she/her) Sharon Neuman (she/her)
Jill Rose (she/her) Marsha Z Solomon (she/her) Michael Klein (he/him)

Each “cycle” of Trustees is elected for a three-year term, starting August 1 and ending July 31 three years thereafter.

Past Presidents (1969-present)

2020-22 Leslie J. Wilsher (she/her)
2018-20 Adina Solomon (she/her)
2016-18 Lisa Smith (she/her)
2014-16 Jonathan Sack (he/him)
2012-14 Harry Chevan (he/him)
2010-12 Vicky Vossen (she/her)
2008-10 Jay Brodsky (he/him)
2006-08 Susan K. Rifkin (she/her)
2004-06 Donald Olenick (he/him)
2004-06 Daniel Sarfati-Magill
2000-02 Ralph Kleinman (he/him)
1998-2000 Ellen A. Bowin (she/her)
1996-98 Herbert L. Cohen z”l
1994-96 Judith R. Greenwald (she/her)
1992-94 Leonard Wasserman (he/him)
1990-92 Robert Weinstein z”l
1988-90 Michael D. Squires (he/him)
1986-88 Stanley Friedman (he/him)
1983-86 Ronald J. Stein (he/him)
1980-83 Nancy Fink (she/her)
1979-80 Arthur Lichtman z”l
1977-79 A. Seth Greenwald z”l
1975-77 Isaac Druker (he/him)
1972-75 Arthur Lichtman z”l
1969-72 Jacob Hertz zā€l


Life Trustees

Members of they Synagogue who have served for 25 years or more as Officers or Trustees.

first elected:
Evelyn Rubenstein (she/her) 1973
Howard Schneider (he/him) 1976
Allen Rubenstein (he/him) 1981
Rena Schklowsky (she/her) 1988
Albert Romano (he/him) 2001
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