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Happy Hanukkah!

Go to for all the candle lighting times and blessings, services, events, and activities over the coming eight days, or download this flier!

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Help Care for Our Torah Scrolls

Kane Street is blessed to be the home of eight Torah scrolls, which have come to us from many different congregations and communities over the decades. These scrolls have ably served our community over thousands of Shabbatot, holidays, B’nei Mitzvah, and shiva minyanim. But as our congregation and needs have grown, our sacred scrolls are increasingly in need of repair.

Contribute to our Torah Repair Fund this Giving Tuesday!

Ariel Brodsky and Alice Poliner

L’Dor V’Dor: Ariel Brodsky and Alice Poliner practicing their leyning using one of our Torah scrolls, circa 2007 and 2022 respectively.

Coming Up at Kane Street

  • Mon, Dec.11,
    Hanukkah: 5 Candlesmore…

  • Mon, Dec.11 | 7:45am - 8:45am,
    Morning Minyan @ Kane Street!more…

  • Mon, Dec.11 | 7:00pm - 8:30pm, Remote
    KSS Executive Committee Meetingmore…

  • Tue, Dec.12,
    Hanukkah: 6 Candlesmore…

  • Tue, Dec.12 | 7:30pm - 8:45pm,
    Learn to Chant Torah 6 week coursemore…

  • Tue, Dec.12 | 7:30pm - 9:00pm,
    Rosh Hodesh Gathering: Welcoming The New Moon of Tevetmore…

On Thursday, October 12, Kane Street hosted a gathering of people from across the brownstone Brooklyn Jewish community to grieve, mourn and pray for those murdered, kidnapped, and missing in Israel.

A Prayer for those in Captivity

The One who blessed our forefathers…
may they bless and safeguard and preserve the captives
among their brethren in the House of Israel in trouble and captivity.
In the merit of the prayers of this holy assemblage who pray for them,
may the blessed Holy One shower compassion over them,
and deliver them from darkness and strife, remove their bondage,
deliver them from their afflictions,
and return them speedily to their families.

Click here for resources from the USCJ, and you can donate towards the efforts on the ground in Israel by giving to the UJA Federation of New York Israel Emergency Fund.

Shanah Tovah U’Metukah! A Sweet and Happy Year to All!

Thank you to everyone who joined our High Holy Day services this year, whether in person or on livestream.

Make your Kol Nidre Appeal gift at to help support and sustain our community!

Kol Hakavod to our Rabbi Michelle Dardashti, featured in a recent New York Times article.

Watch Rabbi Dardashti and Kane Street Member Sarah Schmerler talk about their involvement in Shofar Across Brooklyn

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