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Standing Together at Sinai

Annually aspiring to Sinai with Kane Street
Click Here to Reflect On and Select ways to engage in Jewish learning, spiritual exploration, and social justice

Passover offers existence. Shavuot provides purpose.

In seeking to re-enact the experience of leaving Egypt, our Passover Seders set us off on an annual (and eternal) journey of individual and communal growth.

The next stop: Sinai.

Just seven Weeks [the meaning of Shavuot in Hebrew] after leaving Egypt the gift of Torah is revealed and our spiritual map will get a “legend” to help explain — through our own unique culture, values, and narrative — how we can partner with God on a path to perfecting ourselves and the world.

The rabbis further reflected on this path to supporting the world with their teaching from Pirkei Avot that the world stands on three things: Torah (learning), Avodah (prayer), and Gemilut Chasadim (acts of loving kindness and social justice).

At Kane Street, we strive to realize this vision for Jewish life and want to help every member grow and contribute intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally to our community.

So as we head toward Shavuot and stand at Sinai once again together, we’ve gathered a number of opportunities here at Kane Street that will allow you to actively engage in Jewish learning, spiritual exploration, and social justice over the next year. Please take a few moments and aspire to engage in some of these experiences. Based on your selection(s), we’ll check in over the next year with ways for you to both realize and reflect on your and our collective aspirations.

In this way, we look forward to reaching and realizing Sinai together.

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