Upcoming Services

April 11 - 12, Shabbat Hagaddol

Candle Lighting 7:12 PM
Shabbat ends 8:15 PM
Friday night services led by Musical Director Candidate Jeff Warschauer, Chapel, 6:00 P.M.
Shabbat morning services, Sanctuary, 9:15 A.M., with teaching by Jeff Warschauer around 11:30 A.M.

Sunday Morning Services 9:00 AM


Li’fi Dati: As I See It

A Message from Rabbi Weintraub

Yizkor: The How of Jewish Memory
Our Torah in an unique and essential way is a book of history. While the sacred texts of other ancient religions are often written as poetry, epic sagas, or collections of maxims, the Torah is almost entirely the prosaic story of our ancient father and mothers from Abraham and Sarah through the forty year desert wandering.

It is very strange then that there is no word in classical Hebrew for “history”. There is no Mitzvah in the Bible to research, and not much attention is given to recounting. There are however numerous mitzvot, commandments in which we are bidden lizkor to remember. Memory is the central value, not history.

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At Kane Street, we bring the wisdom and compassion of Jewish traditions to all, regardless of one’s background. Within our community are very traditional Jews and secularists, families and singles, straight and gay. Our members include many Jews-by-choice (converts) as well as interfaith families and Jews who are returning to their roots. We are rightly regarded as a community where any sincere person can find a place.

We'd love to meet you. If you have questions, feel free to contact Rabbi Sam Weintraub, Marla Cohen, our Executive Director, or Rabbi Valerie Lieber, our Director of Education and Family Programming. For questions about preschool, contact Peggy Geller, director of Kane Street Kids.

What are services like?

To learn about our creative and stimulating Hebrew School, contact Rabbi Valerie Lieber at 718.875.1550, ext 117 or e-mail rabbivalerie@kanestreet.org.

Learn about the Hebrew School. Download the latest Mah Chadash! What's New! Mah Chadash, November 8, 2013
Learn about Kane Street Kids Preschool

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"Charity is as potent a force for reconciliation as the ancient Temple altar."

Rabbi Jochanan Ben Zakkai

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News and Upcoming Events

Lunch and Learn Saturday, May 3

After Kiddush around 1:00 PM
Joel Chasnoff as The Schizophrenic Zionist!
The outspoken Sabra. The selfless fundraiser. The peoplehood-minded rabbi and the left-leaning pacifist… Will the real Zionist please stand up?
In his hilarious and insightful one-man interactive theater piece entitled The Schizophrenic Zionist, comedian Joel Chasnoff addresses the question “What does it mean to be a Zionist in the modern world?”
Download the flyer here

Wine, Women and Yoga

Shabbat Chol Hamaed, Saturday, April 19, after Kiddush
This is yoga for every woman – no experience necessary! Enjoy a very gentle movement class that focuses on breath, hand positions (mudras) and mindfulness with Charlene Visconti, a certified Integrative Yoga Therapist. No special attire necessary either – you’re regular Shabbat attire is fine. After the class, we’ll continue to relax with wine and conversation. We will not be able to accommodate children at this event and ask for you to make babysitting arrangements. Please consider making a $10 donation after Shabbat that will cover the cost of wine and food.
RSVP to shvesterhood@kanestreet.org by April 17. Sponsored by the Shvesterhood

Yom Ha’Shoah April 27

Sunday, April 27, 5:30 PM
This year Kolot Chayeinu and Park Slope Jewish Center are jointly hosting a communal service at Park Slope Jewish Center that is for the entire community. In addition, this year we are focusing on the current generations of Jews in our area to keep alive the memory of the Shoah. For the first time we are asking you to sign up to study one or more brief texts and select the name of a victim in whose memory you will study. We ask you to try to do that from sundown April 27 to sundown April 28.
Please download the flyer, and click here for more information and details about this year’s Yom HaShoah
We look forward to seeing you on April 27.

Passover 5774 / 2014 Ritual and Service Times

Click here for ritual and Service times starting Sunday, April 13 – Tuesday, April 22

Passover Wisdom and Seder Tips for Parents with Children 0-7

Wednesday, April 9, 9:00 – 10:30 AM
click here for more information.

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