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High Holiday Family and Teen Services FAQ

A mobile COVID-19 testing service will be outside the Synagogue on
Sunday, September 5, 12:00-3:00pm,
and on Tuesday September 14, 9:00am-5:00pm.
Anyone may get a FREE rapid PCR test, with results available in 24 hours.

As summer days grow shorter, Rosh Hashanah zooms closer, and because of the ever-changing Delta variants’ lack of predictability, we are moving our High Holiday Family Services to be outdoors. Thank you for patience as we shift gears.

Rosh Hashanah Family Services, Mini Minyan, Teen Services, and 2nd day program will be outdoors on the Kane Street Synagogue rooftop instead of at Hannah Senesh School. That means slight schedule changes.
The Goldman building roof is a beautiful location and our High Holy Day prayers and celebration there will be very joyous and perhaps less anxiety-provoking than an indoor space for so many families with as-yet unvaccinated young children.
Below is a FAQ for you to understand the plan better. Below that are the new times. (we will be switching some families from family service #1 to family service #2, and from #2 to #3 so we can accommodate everyone in groups of 40 instead of 60 as originally envisioned).

Q: What if we run into very rainy weather?
A: We will have our services online. If it is only drizzling, we will have services outdoors and encourage rain gear.

Q: What if it is very hot?
A: We will encourage you not to wear fancy clothing, but instead opt for clothing which is comfortable in the heat.

Q: What are the expectations and procedures for keeping everyone safe?

  • Covid tests (EITHER a PCR test within 72 hours OR a rapid test on Monday) will be required for unvaccinated children.
  • Adults and children over 12 must be fully vaccinated.
  • Maximum of 40 people attending each service
  • Masks will be required by all.
  • Chairs will be set up in clusters for each family with 3 feet of distance between each family pod. Leaders will stand 6 feet away from any pods.
  • We won’t be able to have a hakaffah (Torah processional)
  • Unless you are signed up to attend another service (sanctuary or Goldman), you will only be allowed on the roof, restrooms on the 3rd floor, and the stairwell.
  • Shofar will be blasted away from congregants with a cloth over the shofar.
  • You will be asked not to cluster in front of the synagogue after your service because a new group will be trying to get in and we don’t want to have large crowds.

Q: How will it work when we arrive at the synagogue?

  • You will be asked put on your mask before checking in.
  • You will check in outdoors in front of the synagogue. You will see my assistant Priscilla Murphy and me (when I’m not leading services).
  • Only those registered will be admitted.
  • You will show your child’s negative covid test.
  • Please bring your own kippot (yarmulkas) and tallit (prayer shawls) if you wear them.

Q: What can we expect at the services?
A: They will be abbreviated to allow many smaller groups to attend. We will include major High Holiday prayers like Avinu Malkeinu and B’Rosh Hashanah, plus Shema and an Amidah. We will have a story/sermon and shofar blasting. It will be short and meaningful.

Q: Can our friends who are not registered join us?
A: We are full for in person services and invite them to join us for the Zoom service at 9am. Our 2nd day Interactive program has a few openings. They may contact Rabbi Val directly. There will be no walk-ins to our programs.

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