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A Kane Street Seder and Interactive Haggadah

Enjoy our expanded Kane Street Interactive Haggadah — a holiday resource that features video clips of community members performing, teaching, and singing steps of the Seder.

Whether you use this resource during your own Seder, or to help you prepare ahead of time, we hope it will both contribute to your holiday and be a reminder that Passover tells the story of a collective journey to freedom.

We hope seeing your Kane Street friends, clergy, and even family, on these Seder clips will remind you that on Passover, as the Haggadah says, we join with our people everywhere. Now we are still in bonds. Next year may all be free!

The Order of the Seder
Each link presents a Kane Street community member performing, teaching, or singing that Seder step. Links to more clips will be added as the holiday approaches. You can also view all the clips as a YouTube Playlist.

Lighting the Festival Candles (Cantor Sarah)
Kadesh Urchatz: Order of the Seder Song 5780 (Visser Brothers)
Kadesh Urchatz: Order of the Seder Song 5781 (Visser Brothers)

1. Kadesh – Sanctify (Cantor Sarah)

2. Urchatz – Wash Your Hands (Landesberg family)

3. Karpas – Appetizer (Kafka, Kueny-Lichtman and Kleinman families)

4. Yachatz – Break the Middle Matzah (D. Grupper)

5. Maggid – Tell the Story of the Exodus

6. Rachtzah – Wash Your Hands with Blessing

7. Motzi – Blessing Over Bread

8. Matzah

9. Maror – Bitter Herbs

10. Korech – The Hillel Sandwich

11. Shulchan Orech – The Festive Meal (S. Kolber)

12. Tzafun – Eat the Afikoman

13. Beirach – Grace After Meals: Eliyahu HaNavi and Open Doors (D. Grupper)

14. Hallel – Psalms of Praise

15. Nirtzah – Accepted/Conclusion

Bonus: Bedikat Chametz (Millman family)

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