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Passover Guides and Ritual & Service Times for 5784/2024

The festival of our freedom is nearly upon us … but celebrating redemption doesn’t feel quite right this year. Please visit this page for resources and readings that can aid in meaningfully engaging with Passover this year, amidst our pain.

Got Seders

Passover Seders this year are Monday evening, April 22 and Tuesday evening, April 23. 

Kane Street is more than a synagogue—it’s a community that takes seriously the mitzvah of hakhnasat orhim—welcoming guests.
As such, we want to make sure we care for each other’s needs at times of festival celebration.
Some of our members have extra seats at their Seder table, and we aim to match them with those who might need to be hosted. If interest, please email Luka Dubnick.

Got Hametz?
We’ve got you covered!

Kane Street facilitates mekhirat hametz, the sale of your hametz.
Go to to participate (the deadline is Sunday, April 21 at 9:00am)

Here are some resources on making your holiday kasher l’Pesah (kosher for Passover):

A simplified guide for disposing of your hametz!

An in-depth guide from the Rabbinical Assembly,
outlining how to prepare for and eat on the holiday.

Services, Candles & Counting (the Omer!) Oh My!

Click here to skip down to programming and services for children, teens, and families

All services will be held in person in the Goldman Center Community Room!

Sunday, April 21

  • After 8:25pm: Bedikat Hametz (Search for food, liquor, etc—products containing wheat, barley, spelt, oats, or rye—which are not kosher for Passover!)
    In preparation for Passover, go through your home for a final search for hametz.

Monday, April 22,
~ Erev Pesah

  • 7:30am: Ta’anit Bekhorim/Fast of First Born, and Siyyum
    Kane Street Chapel
    The first-born fast on the day before Passover in memory of the first-born of Egypt who died in the tenth plague. But the joy of a siyyum (study session), where the completion of a tractate of rabbinic literature calls for a celebration, supersedes this fasting obligation. First-born individuals who wish to observe the custom of participating in this siyyum are welcome to join us. Our Monday morning minyan will begin slightly earlier than usual at 7:30am, followed by the siyyum––a brief teaching and meal––at 8:30am. Please consider joining us and bringing the hametz you have to burn – we will burn our hametz together after the siyyum and meal! Sign up for the siyyum here.
  • Before 10:15am: Finish eating of hametz
  • Before 11:30am: Dispose of hametz


  • 7:25pm: Candle lighting
  • No services! Enjoy your First Night Seder!

Tuesday, April 23
~ First Day of Passover

  • 9:30am: Morning Service
    Including T’filat Tal, the prayer for dew, which protects summer crops in dry countries such as Israel. We are critically dependent on the health of our environment, so the person leading the service wears a kittel/white robe and chants in a serious High Holy Day mode.
    Please note that this service will not be livestreamed, so please come in person


  • 6:30pm: 2nd Night Community Seder at Kane Street. (We are sorry, this event is already full.)
  • 8:28pm: Candles should not be lit until this time and should be lit from a pre-existing flame.
  • No services! Enjoy your Second Night Seder!
  • Begin to count the Omer

Wednesday, April 24
~ Second Day of Passover

  • 9:30am: Morning Service
    Please note that this service will not be livestreamed, so please come in person

Thursday, April 25
~ Third Day of Passover

Friday, April 26
~ Fourth Day of Passover and
Shabbat Hol Ha’Moed

  • 6:30pm: Abbreviated Kabbalat Shabbat Service service – Please note that this service will not be livestreamed, so please come in person
  • 7:29pm: Candle Lighting

Saturday, April 27
~ Fifth Day of Passover and Shabbat
Hol Ha’Moed 

  • 9:30am: Shabbat morning service – In person and livestreamed at note: there are no youth services on April 26th.)
  • 8:33pm: Havdalah (ending Shabbat)

Sunday, April 28
~ Sixth Day of Passover and Hol Ha’Moed

Monday night, April 29 – Tuesday, April 30
~ Seventh & Eighth Days of Passover

These services will not be livestreamed, so please come in person!

  • Sunday, 7:31pm: Candle lighting (prepare a yahrzeit candle from which to light candles on Monday evening)
  • Monday, 9:30am: Morning Service
    • Evening: 8:35pm: Candle lighting from pre-existing flame
  • Tuesday 9:30am: Morning Service, including Yizkor Memorial Prayers at approximately 10:30am
    • Evening: 8:36pm: Passover ends/Havdalah.

You may eat newly bought hametz immediately, but wait to eat hametz sold through the Rabbi until after 9:15pm. 

Services & Programming
for Families, Children, and Teens

Check out our latest schedule for Passover and other family holiday programming here.

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