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236 Kane Street / Brooklyn, NY 11231 / 718 875-1550

High Holy Days 5784

All services are held at Kane Street Synagogue at 236 Kane Street
Members may register at

All our services are free for members, and dependents in their households aged 25 and under.
For reasons of security and safety we ask that you please register at Members may also purchase tickets for family and friends as they register.

The Sanctuary service on Rosh HaShanah will be led by Rabbi Michelle Dardashti and Cantor Sarah Myerson.
On Yom Kippur, the Sanctuary service will be led by Rabbi Dardashti, Cantor Sarah and Joey Weisenberg.
Family and Youth Services will be led by Rabbi Val Lieber, Landon Braverman, and Melissa Zimmerman.

Shanah Tovah – Blessings for a Good Year!

Candle-Lighting Times

Rosh HaShanah

Yom Kippur

Sep. 15 Light Candles: 6:47pm Sep. 24 Light Candles: 6:32pm
Sep. 16 Light Candles: 7:44pm Sep. 25 Light Candles: 7:29pm
Sep. 17 Havdalah: 7:43 pm

Rosh Hashanah 5784 Services

Service times are subject to change.

Yom Kippur 5784 Services

Service times are subject to change.

Health and Safety precautions for High Holy Days can be found at

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