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A Prayer for our Country

January 6, 2021

“Until when will they judge lawlessly,
and favor the presence of the wicked?”

— Psalm 82:2

Ana, HaShem, Elo’hei Ha’ruchot l’chol basar

You have shared with us Da’at, discernment, so that we may work together for life and peace.
So, we created these United States, based on the ideals of your Torah.
Now, we watch as rioters pillage our places of sanctity, stabbing our democracy in its heart.

V’ha’zeidim m’heira t’akeir ut’shabeir

You who loves justice,
Save us from these forces of terror,
Cast down and humble those who wantonly attack,
And grant us the will to swiftly judge those who intimidate and destroy.
Help us to uproot lying and despotism,
All the rhetoric and forces which have disgraced our precious country, and the Image of You in us.

So’meich noflim v’rofei cholim, u’matir asurim

You who uplift the fallen, the sick, the persecuted,
Grant us the wisdom to act with compassion,
to turn our government to fighting disease, poverty and racism.
Instill in our leaders knowledge of the fragility of freedom and the need now for vigilance.

Ush’mor tzei’tei’nu u’vo’ei’nu l’chayim ul’shalom

So, guard our coming and our going to life and peace.
Strengthen us to remain your partners,
to strive together for a country which honors your Spirit in us, embracing the stranger, protecting the vulnerable, ensuring equality and dignity to all.
So may we become again a blessing l’chol yosheveu’tei’veil to all who dwell on earth.


Rabbi Weintraub

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