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Open Beit Midrash Course: “Arguing with G-d: Justice in an Unjust World”

This coming Tuesday evening, November 10, and continuing November 17 and 24, we begin a new three-week Open Beit Midrash course: “Arguing with G-d: Justice in an Unjust World” with Professor Daniel Greenwood of Hofstra Law School.

As we read recently in the Torah, since the time of Abraham and Sodom, Jews have complained that the G-d of Justice seems to misunderstand the requirements of justice. In this course, students will explore texts selected from a variety of periods in which Jews bear witness or even bring lawsuits against G-d and otherwise struggle with a world in which, it sometimes appears, the wise dies like the fool…all is mere wind” (Ecclesiasts). The texts will include stories and misrashim as well as as explicit arguments.

Dan Greenwood teaches at Hofstra Law School about the demand of justice and democracy in corporate law, torts, and public law. His publications have appeared in various law reviews and popular magazines, and he has co-authored amicus briefs for the US Supreme Court in cases including Citizens United. He is a graduate of St. Ann’s, Harvard College and Yale Law School and studied political science and Judaica at the Hebrew Univesity and the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem.

Open Beit Midrash begins is held at Kane Street almost every Tuesday evening through April 12, 2015. We begin with a catered dinner at 6:45 P.M. and continue with class from 7:30-9:00 PM. We sponsor eight three week mini-courses over 24 weeks. You may sign up for the individual three week courses for $40, or purchase all eight courses — 24 classes and 24 dinners — for the subscription fee of $180. Beit Midrash is open to anyone, regardless of Jewish background or Hebrew literacy.

Please open and read our brochure for more information and to register.
For information, please email Joy Fallek

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