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In Memory of Asher Powers z”l

Several members of the community have asked where to donate in memory of Asher Powers z”l, nephew of our members Lisa and Ralph Kleinman. Asher’s family have written the following letter, adding a number of places where you can donate in his memory.

Thank you for being with us during this difficult time. The outpouring of love, sympathy and support to us and our Brooklyn family has been overwhelming.  The Powers family story started at Kane Street and it will always be a special place for us.

Throughout his life Asher was known as being “a charming fellow.”  Although he didn’t remember his first years in Brooklyn, we hope that you remember him and that he shared some of that charm with all of you. 

Asher believed that the best legacy a person can leave is to help the people who come after.  In that spirit, we have chosen to remember him with projects that we believe are meaningful to the many communities that were touched by his short life.  

We deeply appreciate the Kane Street community and will always remember your kindness and generosity.

Brent, Robin and Judah Powers
— We chose this organization at the request of Asher’s friends who saw how much he relied on and enjoyed this resource.  

We are funding Sefaria to acquire and dedicate a new book by one of Asher’s favorite Rebbes.

Talmudic Academy of Bergen County (TABC)
– Asher’s high school; he was in the class of 2019

When Asher was about 4, we took him to a book sale at Yeshiva University.  He chose “My Little Midrash, Shmuel Bet” which started his lifelong love of learning Navi (Prophets).  Navi is often an overlooked subject in Jewish Day Schools, and Asher became known as the “go to” for Navi questions and insights.

We are endowing a scholarship at TABC for a graduating senior who excels in Navi.

Yeshivat Migdal HaTorah
Asher’s yeshiva from August 2019-June 2021

During the pandemic, the Migdal boys were in lockdown in their apartments for weeks at a time, did their learning online, and were only allowed to venture 100 meters from their apartments.  The school and the boys put together an outdoor, makeshift gym out of personal equipment that the boys donated, and anything they could scrounge up from the neighbors.  Asher was a primary organizer and user of the gym – rain or shine.

We are working with the Yeshiva to create a permanent, indoor, safe and updated workout space for the incoming students.  This project was initiated by Asher when he returned home from Israel, and we are now going to complete it for him.

Any leftover funds will be used to sponsor the school’s annual “Yam L’yam” trip.  It is a 47-mile hike across Israel from the Mediterranean Sea to the Sea of Galilee.   Asher’s hike last year was one of the highlights of his time in Israel.  Yam L’yam.

Kfirim (Lion Cubs) Football Team
— Asher’s Jerusalem American football team 2019-2021

Asher played offensive line and defensive line positions 3 times a week for 2 years.  His teammates came to see us when we were in Israel for the funeral and showed us (never-before-shared) videos of Asher’s games.  The team is adding a patch (designed by Judah) to their uniforms to honor Asher.

We are supplying the team with equipment that is not available in Israel.  The difficulty in getting this equipment to the team is the shipment.   More so than donations to buy the equipment, we are looking for a person/company who is able to make that happen.

The Trevor Project
— Counseling and Support for LGBTQ youth

Asher’s friends chose this organization to honor Asher’s belief in social justice.  We do not yet have a specific project with this organization, but a family member is working on it with them.  Suggestions are appreciated. 


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