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Community Cookbook

Kane Street Cooks: Tradition & Innovation

1 Part Tradition; 1 Part Innovation; All Parts Kane Street

Join Us On a Culinary Journey
How to Participate in Our Community Cookbook
From dishes passed down like family heirlooms to showstoppers that create new traditions, we’re collecting the recipes that have flavored community members homes and holidays.

We are inviting all Kane Street community members to submit one or more recipes for a forthcoming Kane Street Synagogue Cookbook.

Whether you have a recipe from a beloved family member, created a dish that’s as far away from any traditional dish as you can make it, or you’ve adapted a classic into something fresh and new, we’d love to hear from you. The submission form includes space for a brief story and photograph about the dish, if you wish to include either with your recipe.

While we may not be able to include every recipe and story you submit, we welcome all submissions and invite you to send your favorites. Our goal is to collect as many different types of recipes as we can, and to showcase and honor the important role food plays in the traditions we’ve inherited and the ones we’re creating.

Cooking and Tasting Events
As we prepare the cookbook this coming year, we also plan to host community events where members will have an opportunity to sample submissions and consider food’s relationship to memory, family, culture, and community.

As our Synagogue turns 164 years old, we believe the Cookbook’s theme of Tradition and Innovation aptly reflects how Kane Street has engaged and continues to engage with all aspects of Jewish life. And we hope the Cookbook will provide food for thought as well as stomachs, and inspire you to embark on new culinary adventures.

Contact our Cookbook Committee for more information or questions.

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