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236 Kane Street / Brooklyn, NY 11231 / 718 875-1550

Tune Into Shabbat

A half-hour of songs, images, Shabbat reflections, and candle lighting for children and the adults in their life, with Rabbi Jason Gitlin and Kinder Minyan’s Landon Braverman.

Zoom in, or watch us on the livestream broadcast below, on Fridays at 5:oopm.

A recording of the broadcast automatically loads onto the player below a little after we end as well. So adults or kids unable to tune in live can still watch it together later. A playlist of past broadcasts is on our YouTube Channel.

Let us help you to slow down and transition out
of the work and school week.

Watch below or click here to join Tune into Shabbat Zoom session!

Some Previous Tune Into Shabbat Broadcasts

Tune Into Shabbat, Nov 13, 2020, Chayei Sarah

Tune Into Shabbat, Nov 6, 2020, Vayera

Tune Into Shabbat, Oct 30, 2020, Lech Lecha

Tune Into Shabbat, Oct 23, 2020 Noach

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