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Weekly Services

On Shabbat we leave the stress and competition of the week behind. As we come together for Friday night Kabbalat Shabbat and Saturday Shabbat morning services, the community joins in song and reflection, led by lay leaders, Rabbi Samuel H. Weintraub and Music Director Judith Berkson. Throughout the year we celebrate Shabbat and holidays with a variety of prayer services and educational programs. Everyone is welcome to join us in prayer and study.

Kabbalat Shabbat
Friday evening, 6:30pm
Services in the Sanctuary or Chapel are followed by an Oneg Shabbat and refreshments. During the year we hold several Shabbat dinners, which include rousing Z’minot (Jewish hymns) and Birkat Hamazon (grace after meals).

Learn the Friday Night Melodies

Shabbat Morning Services
Sanctuary, Saturday morning, 9:15am

Kiddush and refreshments follow services.

Youth and Family Services, Saturday morning, 11:00am
Our Mini Minyan, Kinder Minyan and Minyan Noar offer services for every age range so that kids, and their parents, have an opportunity to be engaged with a group of peers and develop their prayer practice.

Learners’ Service, Saturday mornings 9:45-11:00am (twice monthly), in the Chapel
For those who want help navigating the Shabbat morning service, our Learners’ Service offers a space to learn about the service, explore your questions and pray slowly together.
2017-18 schedule: Shabbat morning service overview (October 21); Prayers at the Beginning of the Service (November 4 and 18); Shacharit – Barchu, Sh’ma (December 2 and 16); Shacharit – Amidah (January 6 and January 20); Torah Service (February 3 and 17 and March 3); Musaf – Amidah (March 17 and April 14); Concluding Prayers (May 5 and May 19).

Talmud Study Circle
Every Shabbat following Kiddush (around 1:00pm)
A great way to honor the Sabbath and increase your knowledge at the same time. We study the Mishnayot in both Hebrew and English. Our discussion, like the Talmud, is far-ranging, deep, fun, and intellectually stimulating. Unlike the Talmud, discussions are in English! All levels of learners are welcome to join us. No previous background or knowledge of Hebrew necessary.

Sunday Morning, 9:00am
Chapel, 2nd Floor of the Goldman Building

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