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236 Kane Street / Brooklyn, NY 11231 / 718 875-1550

Purim Festivities with Kane Street

Get your Purim costume ready and celebrate with online events for all—opportunities to have fun, learn and hear the Megillah. All are welcome!

Thursday, February 25, 4:00pm

A Purim Puppet Show!

Levity Puppets lead us in an interactive production of the Purim story—don’t miss this chance to celebrate with Mordecai, Esther, Ahashverosh, Haman, Vashti and others. Rabbi Jason and our teachers will join in the fun, alongside renowned puppeteer Len Levitt, whose work includes such films as The Muppets, among many others.

No need to register…join us!

Thursday, February 25, 5:45pm

Kids’ Purim Celebration

All kids ages 8-12 (and their grown-ups) are invited to this fun-filled, abbreviated Megillah experience, with singing, costumes and Purim silliness.
With Rabbi Val, Landon Braverman, and Amit Goldberg.

To join, go to

Thursday, February 25, 12:00-6:00pm
(Registration required)

A Year of Life Turned Upside Down:
Ta’anit Esther with Hadar

Kane Street joins as a co-sponsor for an afternoon of learning, prayer, service, and ritual with Joey Weisenberg and Hadar faculty.
See the schedule and register here.

Thursday, February 25, 7:00pm on Zoom

Erev Purim Service
with Megillah Reading

Get your costumes, graggers, Zoom filters, and crazy backgrounds ready…
The mute button may not survive this!

Our evening service will feature a full Megillah reading and Purim songs. Our venerable traffic light will (hopefully) be in fully operation to signal the raucous responses!

On Zoom at
Meeting ID: 881 6086 8927
Passcode: 826835

Friday, February 26, 8:00am

Purim Morning Service

Morning service includes Torah reading and full Megillah reading.

Connect on Zoom at
Meeting ID: 874 9975 2562
Passcode: 264916

Mishloach Manot are on the way!

This year we’re extending Happy Purim greetings with Mishloach Manot sent by mail. Thank you to all f our sponsors, whose contributions are strengthening and supporting our kehilla, while fulfilling a Purim mitzvah.

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