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Passover With Kane Street 5781

A Passover Message from Rabbi Sam Weintraub

Why the Plagues?

Dahm! Tz’far’dei’ah!

Blood! Frogs! Insects! Wild animals! Pestilence! Boils! Hail! Locusts! Darkness! Death of the First Borns!

This year, as I prepare for Passover, and as in no prior year, my imagination turns to the plagues. The Coronavirus pandemic has given me a taste of what it must have been like to be an Egyptian just before the Israelite Exodus. Stuck in your home, isolated, praying for your family’s safety, all as the natural ecology is upended, toxins are unleashed in the air that you breathe, and finally, so many homes touched by death.

What was the point of the plagues?

Click here to read the rest of Rabbi Weintraub’s message

A Kane Street Seder and Interactive Haggadah

Help us share the Passover story, and keep connected, by participating in our Kane Street Seder and Interactive Haggadah — a holiday resource we introduced last year that features video clips of community members performing, teaching, and singing steps of the Seder.

Click here to learn More and Send Us Your Seder Step Clip by Sunday, March 21.

Sell Your Chametz

Please take a few minutes to complete our Sale of Chametz form. Please note the deadline is strictly set at 5:00pm on Wednesday, March 24, so that the Rabbi may facilitate the Mechirat Chametz transaction.

RA Annual Passover Guide & ‘Feast of Freedom’ Haggadah Now Available Online

We share the Rabbinical Assembly’s annual Pesah Guide on preparing a home for the holiday, along with updates and special 5781 Pesah recommendations from the RA’s Kashrut subcommittee.

Racial Justice on the Seder Table Recording

Listen Now

If you couldn’t join us for last this March 10 Passover Workshop, you can still listen to an audio recording of this session with teachings, tips and songs for integrating the movement for racial justice into your Seder, including Rabbi Barat Ellman on Pesach-Matzah-Marror, Rabbi Jason on Karpas, Rabbi Sam discusses Avadim Hayinu, and Rabbi Val wrestles with Sh’foch Hamatcha/Pour Out Your Wrath. Play it as you clean!

Schedule of Passover Services and Z’manim (Ritual Times)

Click here to see the Schedule of Services and Ritual times.
This year, we include special information for when Passover falls on a Saturday Night

Step Into Spring: Chag Ha-Aviv with Kane Street Walkers

Reconnect with Passover’s roots on these walks designed to help you experience, and learn teachings, related to the festival’s designation as Chag Ha-Aviv, Holiday of Spring. Led by Rabbi Jason Gitlin. Read more about these walks at Kane Street Walkers

Blessing of Spring Trees and Flowers with Kane Street Walkers
March 30, and April 4, 6, and 11.

Embrace the Jewish practice of blessing budding trees and blooming flowers during Nisan.
Click here for details and sign up.

Phenology Visits to Green-Wood Cemetery: Track Springs Arrival
April 1 and 25

Observe nature in areas that make up Green-Wood’s Phenology Project and look at Jewish teachings related to spring and the changing of seasons.
Click here for details and sign up.

Looking to Host or Join a Zoom Seder?

Let us know if you are looking to join a Zoom seder and we’ll do our best to connect with a Kane Street member who is hosting one; likewise, if you’re hosting a Zoom seder are happy to invite additional guests, please let us know. Email [email protected]

Services and Activities for Kids

  • Matzah House Contest — Build a matzah house or structure (like a gingerbread house, but with matzah walls and roof.)
    The winning entrant will receive a special prize – a swag bag of fun stuff for Yom Ha’atzmaut including Israeli snacks, stickers and more! The competition will be judged on Friday, April 2 as part of the Chocolate Seder (see below).
    Register to enter by Thursday, April 1.
  • Tuesday March 30, 3:30pm — Live Outdoor Afikoman Search in Prospect Park Tuesday, weather permitting.
    Please register by Monday, March 29 by 12:00pm.
  • Wednesday, March 31, 4:00pm — Cooking class on Zoom — Make Matzah Lasagna! (All are welcome!)
    Join Rabbi Val to learn how to make a super easy and tasty Passover meal that even kids can cook.
    Please register by Tuesday, 3/1 at 11:00am
    Join at
    Items to have on hand: • 9×13 baking pan • 6 pieces matzah • 2 jars pasta sauce • mozzarella cheese • parmesan or similar cheese • ricotta cheese • cooked mushrooms or spinach (optional)
  • Friday, April 2, 3:30pm — Chocolate Seder and Matzah House contest
    Chocolate/Candy seders are a fun way to explore the symbols of Passover and get a little silly. You can pre-print the special Haggadah and purchase a few items to have on hand.  The Matzah House contest will be judged at this event as well. A list of items to have on hand will be available shortly.
    Please register by Wednesday, March 31 at 12:00pm

Ta’anit B’chorim, the Fast of the First Born

Thursday, March 25, 7:30am on Zoom, so long as a Minyan registers beforehand by emailing Rabbi Weintraub

Just before Passover we observe Ta’anit B’chorim, the fast of the first born.  However, by long standing tradition, first borns relieve themselves of the obligation to fast by joining in a service of siyyum, symbolic completion of a Talmudic tractate, followed by an obligatory breakfast to celebrate the siyyum. We will host a Zoom  service and siyyum on Thursday morning at 7:30am provided we have a minyan pre-registered. If you can commit yourself to attending, please notify Rabbi Weintraub at [email protected]

Torah Readings

Passover I
Torah Portion: Exodus 12:21 – 12:51 & Numbers 28:16 – 28:25
Maftir: Numbers 28:16-25 (10 p’sukim)
Haftarah: Joshua 5:2 – 6:1

Passover II
Torah Portion: Leviticus 22:26 – 23:44 & Numbers 28:16 – 28:25
Maftir: Numbers 28:16-25 (10 p’sukim)
Haftarah: II Kings 23:1 – 23:9; 23:21 – 23:25

Passover VII (on Shabbat)
Torah Portion: Exodus 13:17 – 15:26 & Numbers 28:19 – 28:25
Maftir: Numbers 28:19-25 (7 p’sukim)
Haftarah: II Samuel 22:1-51

Passover VIII
Deuteronomy 15:19 – 16:17 & Numbers 28:19 – 28:25
Maftir: Numbers 28:19-25 (7 p’sukim)
Haftarah: Isaiah 10:32 – 12:6

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