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Passover Ritual and Service Times for 5779/2019

Kane Street Synagogue will facilitate meichirat chametz (the sale of your chametz) via

Thursday, April 18

Friday, April 19, Erev Pesach

  • 7:30am: Ta’anit B’rchorim (Fast of the First Born). This Shacharit service at Kane Street Synagogue will be followed by Siyyum (concluding study of a tractate of Talmud) and Se’udat Mitzvah, a commanded meal to celebrate that study and break the fast.
  • Before 10:39am: Finish eating Chametz
  • Before 11:47am: Dispose of Chametz
  • 6:30pm: Evening Services at Kane Street Synagogue
  • 7:21pm: Candle Lighting
  • First Seder

Saturday, April 20, Shabbat Pesach, First Day of Passover

  • 9:15am: Morning services at Kane Street Synagogue. These include T’filat Tal (the prayer for dew), which protects summer crops in dry countries such as Israel. Because we are critically dependent on the health of our environment, the Shaliach Tzibbur (leader) wears a kittel (white robe) and chants in a serious High Holiday mode.
  • 8:23pm: Candle lighting
  • Second Seder
  • Begin to count the Omer

Sunday, April 21, Second Day of Passover

  • 9:15am: Shabbat morning services at Kane Street Synagogue
  • 8:25pm: Yom Tov ends with Havdalah

Thursday-Friday, April 25-26, Seventh Day of Passover

  • Thursday, 7:28pm: Candle Lighting
  • Friday, 9:15am: Morning services at Kane Street Synagogue

Friday-Saturday, April 26-27, Shabbat Pesach, Eight Day of Passover

  • 6:30pm: Friday evening services at Kane Street Synagogue
  • 7:22pm: Candle lighting
  • 9:15am: Shabbat morning services at Kane Street Synagogue, including Yizkor Memorial Prayers
  • 8:32pm: Shabbat and Passover ends with Havdalah. You may eat newly-bought Chametz immediately. Chametz sold through meichirat chametz (the sale of your chametz) may be eaten after 8:45 pm.
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