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236 Kane Street / Brooklyn, NY 11231 / 718 875-1550

High Holidays Lu’ach 5781

Click on any service below to connect to the livestreamed or Zoom service. Please note that all service times are approximate.

Services on the first and second days of Rosh Hashanah and on Yom Kippur are restricted to synagogue members and those who have purchased ticketed access. Family Services are free to access, but we ask that non-members register to access. Regular Shabbat services, and services after Yom Kippur are available.

Shabbat Shuva / Parashat Ha’Azinu

Friday, September 25

Candle lighting 6:29pm
Evening Service 6:30pm

Saturday, September 26 / 8 Tishrei 5781

Celebrate Bar Mitzvah Edward Segal,
Son of Deborah Gershenowitz and Aaron Segal

Morning Service 9:30am
Torah Deuteronomy 31:1-30
Haftarah Hosea 14:2-10; Micah 7:18-20
Havdalah 7:32pm

Sunday, September 27

Sunday Morning Minyan 9:00am

Yom Kippur

Sunday, September 27

Fast Begins & Candle lighting 6:25pm
Sanctuary Kol Nidre Service
Goldman Kol Nidre Service

Monday, September 28 / 10 Tishrei 5781

Morning Services
Click here for Sanctuary Service
Click here for Goldman Service

Lay-led Psukei D’Zimra 8:30am
Lay-led Shacharit 9:00am
Torah Service and Haftarah 10:00am
Yizkor 10:40am
Musaf (both Sanctuary and Goldman) 11:15am

Click here for
Yom Kippur Family Services

Mini Minyan, up to Age 5
led by Rabbi Jason & Landon Braverman
Kinder Minyan, Kindergarten-Grade 2
led by Landon Braverman
Minyan Noar, Grades 3-7
led by Rabbi Val and Melissa Zimmerman
Teen Service, Grades 8-12
led by Rabbi Val and Melissa Zimmerman

A Yom Kippur Study Session
with Rabbi Raymond Scheindlin

A cherished Kane Street tradition for four decades. Rabbi Ray is a former Kane Street Rabbi, High Holidays service leader, prolific author and translator, and Professor Emeritus of Jewish Literature at the Jewish Theological Seminary. This year, Rabbi Scheindlin is reading from Maase Buche, a classic collection of Yiddish tales of famous Rabbis.
Mincha Afternoon Service 5:15pm


Goldman Service 6:15pm
Sanctuary Service 6:30pm
Fast ends 7:30pm


October 2-9 / 15-21 Tishrei 5781

Friday, October 2 / 14 Tishrei 5781

Candle lighting 6:17pm
Sukkot First Night Service 6:30pm

Saturday, October 3

Sukkot First Day Morning Service 9:30am
Torah Leviticus 22:26-23:44
Haftarah Zechariah 14:1-21
Second Day Candle Lighting 7:14pm

Sunday, October 4

Sukkot Second Day Morning Service 9:30am
Havdalah 7:17pm

Hoshanna Rabbah

Friday, October 9 / 21 Tishrei 5781

Morning Services 7:30am

Sh’mini Atzeret

Friday, October 9

Candle Lighting 6:06pm
Evening/Shabbat Service 6:30pm

Saturday, October 10 / 22 Tishrei 5781

Morning Service,
with Yizkor Memorial Prayers
Torah Deuteronomy 14:22-16:17
Haftarah I Kings 8:54-8:66

Simchat Torah

Saturday, October 10

Candle lighting 6:06pm
Evening Services and Celebration 7:00pm

Sunday, October 11 / 23 Tishrei 5781

Morning Service 9:30am
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