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236 Kane Street / Brooklyn, NY 11231 / 718 875-1550

High Holidays 5781 with Kane Street

We welcome all members, as well as the general community to participate in our High Holiday activities and Services, which this year will be conducted live online!

We are pleased to offer a livestreamed blend of our two distinct High Holiday service experiences.

Rosh Hashanah services will feature combined leadership from both our Sanctuary and Goldman services, while for Yom Kippur, each service will be held separately. For the safety of all involved, our professional leadership and participating lay leaders will each broadcast from physically separate locations, but will nevertheless be united in prayer and thought.

Our Holy Days Lu’ach with links to all services is available at

Attendance from home will be facilitated through the Kane Street Portal.

If you have never logged in before, please go to
to set up access to your account at any time.

Each synagogue member, including children aged 25 and younger, who has an email addresses registered, will be able to attend any of our services when logged into the Portal via the links below, or on our Lu’ach. Details for non-members to purchase access to services can be found below.

Use links on the Lu’ach to access services at the indicated times, or click on any of the services names below to directly access the livestream/s.

Click here for Rosh Hashanah Main Services

led by Rabbi Sam Weintraub, Cantor Sarah Myerson, Joey Weisenberg, as well as lay leaders
(synagogue membership or ticketed access required)

Click here for Family Services

led by Rabbi Valerie Lieber and Rabbi Jason Gitlin, along with Hebrew School staff
(free access to all; non-members requested to register)

Click here for Yom Kippur Sanctuary Services

led by Rabbi Sam Weintraub and Cantor Sarah Myerson, as well as lay leaders
(synagogue membership or ticketed access required)

Click here for Yom Kippur Goldman Services

(formerly known as the Bergen Street Service)
led by Joey Weisenberg
(synagogue membership or ticketed access required)

Activities & Resources

In addition to services, our regularly updated Itinerary for the Season for Teshuvah offers daily personal and group activities to help support, guide, and add meaning to your holiday season. Meanwhile, children and families can explore our Tekiah Gedolah space and High Holidays with Mini Minyan to access music, art, ideas, stories, food and more to prepare for and celebrate the High Holidays.

Tickets for Guests and Members of the General Community

Tickets for members, friends and extended family may be purchased at a reduced rate of $100 each.

Tickets are also available to the general community, on a per-household basis:
• $180, where head/s of household is/are age 36 or over •
• $125, where head/s of household is/are age 35 or under •
• Family Services free for all to attend, but registration is requested •

To register for tickets, please go to the form at:

or contact the synagogue office: (718) 875-1550 or [email protected].

To read a message from our Rabbi, our Congregational President, and our Executive Director, please click here.

Click here to read the Rabbi Weintraub’s pastoral High Holidays message.

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