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236 Kane Street / Brooklyn, NY 11231 / 718 875-1550

High Holy Days Lu’ach 5783

G’Mar Chatima Tovah – May we all be inscribed (and inscribe ourselves) for a year of goodness 

All services are held at Kane Street Synagogue at 236 Kane Street
Please note: Registration/Ticket purchase is now closed.
Please read the update on Yom Kippur services here.
Services will be led by Rabbi Michelle Dardashti and Joey Weisenberg.

COVID-19 Precautions

All of our High Holiday services are mask-optional this year.
In the Sanctuary, there will be a mask-only section of the pews on the Tompkins Place side, where masks are mandatory, and every other pew row is left empty. We ask that all members of Kane Street make sure that they’ve uploaded vaccination proof in advance of services at If you are bringing guests (or you are guest yourself), please make sure they/you come prepared to show proof of vaccination.

We will also provide an overflow space where video and audio from the Sanctuary service will be simulcast.
All of our main services will be livestreamed at

We ask that anyone feeling under the weather stay home and encourage anyone who is immunocompromised to consider the risks involved in attending in person.

Please note that details in this schedule are subject to change.
(links to available livestreams where venue name is indicated)

Service Name Service Location/Venue/
Livestream Link

Yom Kippur

Tuesday, October 4 / 10 Tishrei 5783
~ Erev Yom Kippur ~

Fast Begins / Candle Lighting: 6:15pm

6:30pm Combined Main Service Kol Nidre Sanctuary

Wednesday, October 5 / 10 Tishrei 5783
~ Yom Kippur Day ~

8:30am Combined Main Service Shacharit Sanctuary
9:00am Family Service Mini Minyan #1 (ages 0-5) Community Room
(Rooftop if weather allows)
9:45am Family Service Kinder Minyan (K-Grade 2) Community Room
(Rooftop if weather allows)
10:45am Combined Main Service Yizkor & Musaf Sanctuary
11:00am Family Service Minyan Noar (Grades 3-7) Community Room
(Rooftop if weather allows)
12:30pm Family Service Mini Minyan #2 (ages 0-5) Community Room
(Rooftop if weather allows)
12:30pm Family Service Teen Service (Grades 8-12) 3rd floor
3:30pm Inter-service activity Stories with Dr. Ray Sheindlin Community Room
(Rooftop if weather allows)
4:45pm Combined Main Service Minha Sanctuary
~6:00pm Combined Main Service Ne’ilah
7:12pm  Combined Main Service Shofar and Havdalah Sanctuary
7:15pm All congregants Break fast (juice, cake) Sanctuary Lobby
(Outdoors on Kane Street if weather allows)


Ma’ariv : Evening Service
Minha : Afternoon Service
: Additional Service
Ne’ilah : Closing Service
Niggunim : Singing
Shacharit : Morning Service
Tashlich : “Casting off of sins” (traditionally/symbolically into a body of water)

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