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Let the Lights Shine Brightly with Kane Street!

Chanukah Events and Celebrations

An opportunity each night for anyone in the community to light candles with others.
No-one should light their candles alone!

Wednesday, December 1 — Candle #4

Marc Kushner and Chris Barley host a Chanukah Celebration event at their home for families with children aged 0-5.
Enjoy some Klezmer tunes with Daniella Rabbani, Ilya Shneyveys, and clarinetist Zisl-Yeysef Slepovitch.
RSVP to [email protected]

Unfortunately, this event has been canceled.

Candle lighting at the Synagogue as Hebrew School dismisses,
led by Rabbi Val.
Everyone is welcome!

Thursday, December 2 — Candle #5

Candle lighting at the front of the Synagogue with Pre-K Hebrew School class, with Rabbi Val and Cantor Sarah.

Virtual lighting for Kane Street Kids students and their families

Candle lighting for with the Hazak Group,
with spiked apple cider and hot wine in the Courtyard and inside.
RSVP to [email protected]

Friday, December 3 — Candle #6

Candle lighting, then the First Friday Family Kabbalat Shabbat service.

Hanukkah Homecoming Shabbat through UJA Federation of New York.

Saturday, December 4 — Candle #7

Havdalah at Cobble Hill Park, followed by candle lighting and gelt!
RSVP to [email protected]

Sunday, December 5 — Candle #8

8 Cocktails of Chanukah

Celebrate the last night of Hanukkah!
Cocktails and company for all the adults!
Plus games, music, and latkes for kids 4-12, and childcare will be provided.
Join your Kane Street family for alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments, latkes, candle lighting and a a sing-along!
Get tickets at:

Past Events

Sunday, November 28 — Candle #1

Virtual Candle lighting with your Kane Street family on Zoom with prayers and songs, led by Cantor Sarah and Rabbi Resnick.

Monday, November 29 — Candle #2

Pajama candle lighting
led by Kane Street Kids families in front of the Synagogue, Led by Rabbi Val and KSK Director Rivka Seeman.
Everyone is welcome! Dreidels and Kane Street-branded pencils will be on hand as gifts.

Candle lighting in front of the Synagogue as Hebrew School dismisses, led by Cantor Sarah and Rabbi Resnick.
Everyone is welcome!

Tuesday, November 30 — Candle #3 — Rabbi Val’s Birthday!

Candle Lighting with Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Grade Hebrew School students, in front of the Synagogue led by Rabbi Val and teens.
Everyone is encouraged to come, with Chanukah gelt to be given out!

Candle lighting at the start of the Open Beit Midrash class, with Cantor Sarah.

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