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Kane Street Celebrates its 164th Anniversary

Every year in June, we join together to mark another year in the life of our beloved Shul, while honoring a member of the Kane Street community whose leadership has moved our congregation forward.

Back in September when we gathered for the High Holidays, when our students commenced a year of exploration and learning, and when we enjoyed renewed opportunities to pray, learn and socialize, it would have been difficult to anticipate the experiences of the past several months. For ourselves, our families and our city. For our health and for our essential workers. For our economic well being. For communities of color. Despite the challenges and uncertainties, Kane Street has responded and rallied as a community and will continue to do so, with purpose and thoughtfulness.

Kane Street’s 164th Anniversary Event – which will take place online on Sunday, June 28 at 7:00pm – will offer all of us the opportunity to gather with our community, to draw strength from one another, and to celebrate.

We hope that every member will join us; the event will be accessible to all, free of charge.

Please go to, to RSVP.

This year we will honor Adina Solomon, President of the Congregation. And while the event will be unlike celebrations of years past, much will be familiar: friendly faces, heartfelt remarks, and the camaraderie and heimishness that are hallmarks of our community.

Please RSVP and a link will be provided as the event approaches. And if you are able to make a contribution to help sustain our congregation, we have provided an opportunity to do so.

With well wishes from Adina’s past and present, a special emcee, a custom cocktail (make yours at home… we will provide a recipe in advance!), a salute from our Journal chairs, and breakout rooms for small-group conversation, we hope that the evening will be meaningful and enjoyable for all.

We look forward to seeing you on June 28 at 7:00pm.

Click here to RSVP to the Anniversary Event


Our Honoree
Adina Solomon, President of the Congregation

Adina Solomon has been a member of Kane Street since her family moved to Brooklyn from Morningside Heights in 1981. She was a student in the Hebrew School, a Junior Congregation “Rabbi,” a member of Kadima and USY, and a student teacher in the Hebrew School. After college, Adina rejoined Kane Street and began her two-decade-long shul fundraising career by chairing the Commemorative Journal from 2002 to 2006. She joined the Board in 2003, and co-founded the Strategic Fundraising Committee in 2010.

Adina has served as President of the Congregation since August 2018 – leading with strength, purpose, collaboration, and an abiding love for the community she has called home for most of her life. During her tenure, Adina has played an integral role in bringing recent capital projects to completion: our new Rooftop Community Space and the Sanctuary exterior restoration. In addition, under Adina’s leadership, Kane Street has deepened volunteer involvement; enhanced security procedures and infrastructure; streamlined administrative, HR and finance processes; and redoubled our commitment to ensuring our community is engaging, meaningful and accessible to all. During this unprecedented time of closure, Adina has worked closely with the staff and lay leadership to ensure that our community continues to function as a source of solace and spirituality for all.

Adina is the oldest daughter of long-time members Eliot Solomon and Barbara Solomon-Speregen, and the stepdaughter of almost-as-long-time-members Marsha Zeesman and Michael Speregen. Adina married her husband, Torsten Scheihagen, at Kane Street in 2006. Their son, Clark, is in the Bet class in Hebrew School. He thinks Adina should quit her job and open a lemon tart restaurant in their apartment.

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