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Kane Street Celebrates its 162nd Anniversary

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Sunday, June 10, 6:00pm

Join us for great company, delicious food, and wonderful music.
The deadline to reserve your seat is Wednesday, May 30.

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Our Honoree
Lisa Smith, President of the Congregation

Lisa Smith grew up in the Brighton Beach neighborhood of Brooklyn and has fond memories of attending Temple Beth El of Manhattan Beach, a Conservative shul whose progressive rabbi permitted girls to have a Bat Mitzvah on Shabbat morning. She attended the University of Pennsylvania (where she met her future husband Alan Salzberg on the first of day of school) and to NYU Law School. After sojourns in Philadelphia and Washington, DC, Lisa and Alan and their infant daughter moved to Brooklyn in 1999 and joined Kane Street Synagogue.

Inspired by Kane Street’s egalitarianism and lay leadership model, Lisa eventually learned to chant Torah, Haftorah and megillot, and to lead services on Shabbat morning. Lisa and her family lived in Israel for three years and then returned to Brooklyn and to Kane Street. Lisa and Alan’s teenage children – Bayle, Caleb and Fayanne – have grown up at Kane Street and all three celebrated their B’nei Mitzvah at the shul. Along the way, Lisa held various official and unofficial positions, such as leading Mini Minyan, assigning Torah readers, and co-chairing the Journal and serving on the Board of Trustees.

Lisa has worked as an attorney in both large and small law firms, and for the Federal Communications Commission. While she lived in Israel, Lisa was a grant writer for the Adam Institute, an NGO that promotes a culture of tolerance and co-existence across religious, ethnic and national groups in Israeli society. Since returning from Israel, Lisa has worked at the national office of Hadassah, where she is Director of Trusts and Estates, with primary responsibility for Hadassah’s bequest program that raises $25-$35 million annually.

Lisa is an avid runner and member of the Prospect Park Track Club. She has completed eleven marathons, including New York, Boston and Jerusalem (by far the hardest), and is mulling over the location of her twelfth. Lisa also leads orientation sessions at the Park Slope Food Coop, where she has been a member for eleven years.

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