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Professional Staff

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Accounts Manager

Janet Kallo

Janet Kallo joined our team in January 2013. She assists the Executive Director and staff, Board of Trustees, volunteers, congregants and vendors to implement the business management of the synagogue.

A graduate of Moscow External University of the Amenities with a BA in Business Management, Janet has 14 years of work experience as an administrative and bookkeeper assistant. Most recently she worked as an administrative assistant in the Physics Laboratory at Rockefeller University. As an Accounts Manager at Kane Street Synagogue, Janet works closely with our Executive Director and staff to put systems in place and provide strong administrative support to staff and volunteers.

“Having lived in Russia for the first 21 years of my life precluded me from practicing Judaism openly,” says Janet. “Even though I knew that my great-grandfather was a rabbi in a little shtetl in Ukraine, there was little left in my parents’ household to continue a tradition, except Jewish dishes prepared for holiday meals. Being able to work and learn the meaning and significance of Jewish rites in depth makes me that more eager to join the team. Bringing back to my family the knowledge and traditions lost over the years will be a great honor. My daughters Michele and Sarah and my Husband Yan will join me on this exciting journey.”

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