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Kane Street Connections

Kane Street Connections is our weekly email newsletter sent to members on our server list.  To receive the Kane Street Connections by email and join our mailing list, email

The Synagogue Journal: 1856-2006

Kane Street celebrated the Congregation’s first 150 years with an online historical journal. The publication highlights our rich historical record in thirty-five issues, drawing on original source material, oral histories, minute books, financial ledgers, souvenir journals, newsletters, and stories of the nineteenth century from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle Online. Each issue explores a specific theme of the Congregation’s experience during its historic periods.

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The Scroll and Kane Yirbu

This publication sent to Kane Street Synagogue members comes out before the holidays. The Scroll was first published in 1932 by Rabbi Israel Goldfarb and Irving Weissler. In recent decades it was edited in turn by Rachel Epstein, Julia Hirsch and Ellen Fleishman. After a ten year hiatus (1997-2007) it was revived by Judith R. Greenwald.

The Scroll morphed into Kane Yirbu, another monthly newsletter. In 2013, we shifted our newsletter format to a weekly announcement sent electronically–Kane Street Connections.

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